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“Life is a complex matter.” — Walt Disney

Sometimes it becomes too complex — overwhelming — and we find ourselves unable to cope and looking for help.

If problems are engulfing you, We may be able to help you develop the understanding and skills to manage and overcome them.

Covid-19 causes distress and anxiety for many. We understand and offer confidential video sessions to ensure your safety and effective therapy. Many clients appreciate the convenience of video sessions. 
In-Person Sessions – If you have become sick after scheduling an In-person session, PLEASE follow basic health protocol, contact your therapist to change your session to an online session or reschedule your appointment. Thank you. 

Our team of EMDR therapists will honor your integrity, and privacy throughout your healing journey. We strive to provide you a safe space where you feel valued, respect, and autonomous throughout your healing journey.

Our areas of specialization are:

    • Children — anxiety, low depressed mood, behavior concerns, internalizing issues
    • Youth — depression, low self-esteem, suicide ideation, parent-teen conflict, and trauma
    • Adult — depression, anxiety, anger outbursts, flashbacks, social isolation, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

Trauma and PTSD —  childhood abuse or trauma, domestic violence, accidents, or for witnesses thereof as well as:

    • Indigenous, First Nations, and Metis — survivors of residential school, intergenerational trauma, issues developed from colonialization
    • First responders  —  PTSD, Occupational Stress Injury (OSI), relationship issues – feeling disconnected from spouse/partner, family, or friends, anger and hyper-vigilant behavior
    • RCMP Members  – OSI, PTSD symptoms, Anger issues, substance abuse concerns, or feeling lonely or isolated from family and friends.
      • RCMP Members – We may submit invoices for psychotherapy sessions, offered by Charlaine, directly to RCMP Health Services.
    • Spouse or Partners of First responders — feeling lonely, sense of loss of relationship, resentment, anxiety, low mood, stress due to coping with a spouse who experiences PTSD
    • Grief and Loss — the loss of a loved one, forced separation, abandonment

We offer professional expertise and a client-centred, strength-based therapeutic approach in a compassionate and safe environment.

Have a look at the website, and if you would like to know more,
call 604-807-9759  or  email.

Group: Partners of First Responders
Spouses/Partners of Law Enforcement Officers — Commencing Feb 7th, 2023

Strength-Based Caring and Compassionate Group counselling program to support partners and enhance skills for managing the day to day stress as a Partner of a Law Enforcement Officer – See Group page

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Shawnda Johnston

9:30 am – 5:00 pm
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Melissa Michaud

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Rajvinder Heer

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